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Classical and short essay contained elements that the usage and see more. With the establishment of the order, Sister Teresa became Mother Teresa, leading a ministry to the destitute, doomed and dying.

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Mother Teresa officially became a saint last year. Write to Lily Rothman at lily.

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Albanian Roman Catholic nun and founder of the Missionaries of Charity, Mother Teresa - at a hospice for the destitute and dying in Kolkata Calcutta , India, By Lily Rothman September 5, Please, note, that on the way to canonization a second miracle is required to be performed by Mother Teresa. Obviously, this issue has a lot of points to be discussed. Mother Teresa was criticized a lot for her attitude to poor people. Indeed, her main aim was to keep people alive, even though the conditions might have been awful. The level of medicine was quite low.

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Also, they said that money dedicated to poor people were spent by Mother Teresa on other projects. She claimed that a person can get closer to Jesus through suffering. Although Mother Teresa expressed a common view on abortion and contraception, which is appropriate for a religious outlook, a lot of people criticized her for such views.

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Moreover, they say that she has used her status of celebrity for the propaganda. Is this acceptable? You can write a paragraph or even an essay based on this question. There were a few biographical films made about Mother Teresa. Watching the films will also help you to get some more information on your topic.

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You may try to find an answer on the question: why everybody all over the world knows Mother Teresa? What extraordinary things she has made in her life? What were the most important deeds? Is she worth being worldwide known?

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