European studies essay questions

Directed by. Fall Additional Information Citations and corresponding bibliographic material should be formatted in one of three accepted styles—MLA, APA, or Chicago—as agreed upon with the essay director. Students may include notes, illustrations, or appendices in their essays, but this end material may not be used to reach the required length.

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The essay director may have additional expectations in addition to the above. Students should clarify these with their directors as soon as possible and should follow them as required. The essay is due on the last day of classes. Students should submit one copy to the essay director for grading and one copy to the Nanovic Institute offices file copy. Choosing an Essay Topics and Thesis Writing a good essay depends on having a strong interest in the subject matter, so it is important that students give timely consideration to what they want to research and write about.

Think about the courses you have most enjoyed. Where there any questions addressed in the course about which you are particularly curious? Avoid a topic that is too broad or too simple. For example, consider a particular period of history or limit the historical time period in question. Identify a faculty member who works in a research area that interests you. He or she might be willing to assist you in narrowing your interest to a workable topic and, even better, also agree to be your essay director!

Making Progress Successfully completing a capstone essay such as this requires good time management. Students should also agree on a schedule of meetings with that director in advance. Additional contact via email is both likely and expected.

List Of Powerful Essay Topics On European Union Studies

Early on, students should conduct a literature search to see what has been written on the subject, as well as how much of it is available. Structure the body of the essay in a logical manner to reflect the various aspects of the thesis statement. Sometimes, it is wise to begin with a chronological narrative and then present the analysis. Other times, a topical approach is warranted although the writer must continue to maintain chronological discipline.

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In the revision process, always question whether the organization can be improved. Write a conclusion that summarizes the way the facts and analysis in the body of the essay prove the thesis.

Understanding Instructions

Do not introduce new evidence or analysis in the conclusion, and do not restate the thesis. Miller, If the essay does not meet the required word count, look for ways to extend it. Short essays usually do not answer the question fully, do not consider all of the factors that support the thesis, or are lacking in evidence and analysis in the discussion of each pertinent factor.

Similarly, do not write an essay that is substantially longer than the required length.

UG Advanced Diploma in British & European Studies Pre-Master's Course

Once a practice essay is complete, revise it to improve the thesis statement, organization, evidence, analysis, as well as style and grammar. Consider drafting the essay using a pen and paper instead of a computer because revising and rewriting the essay by hand will help an individual not only remember the organizational structure of the essay but also memorize well—worded phrases, sentences, and even entire paragraphs.

Typing the completed essay into the computer provides yet another chance to revise and commit the essay to memory.

It also gives the student a permanent electronic copy of the piece for future reference, perhaps during preparation for a final exam. When the exam begins, students who have prepared well should be confident and relatively relaxed. This is especially true if they knew the question ahead of time, but even students without such an advantage should have no difficulties, assuming they have written some good trial essay questions.

In the event the essay question is a surprise or even if it is close to one of the mock essays, analyze it and write a tentative thesis statement on a piece of scrap paper.

Serial Information

Adjust the thesis statement while working on the outline. On that same scrap paper, create an outline for the supporting paragraphs with just enough details to serve as reminders about important information when writing the essay.

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  • Do not work too long on the outline in order to reserve enough time for the essay. After the outlining is complete, begin writing the essay with a concise introductory paragraph that contains the thesis statement. While writing the body of the essay, leave margins on the paper to accommodate any additions, whose placement in the essay can be noted with asterisks or lines, and comments from the professor.

    After completing the body of the essay, outline and draft the conclusion. Should there be time remaining, read the essay in order to make revisions and additions. Keep the scrap paper until the end of the course, in the even that the professor questions the authorship of the essay, which after reading the suggestions in this article, should be stellar. Success in writing an essay exam involves careful planning.