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The bagels are plain.

My Values - Work, Family, and Friendship

In all there are about twenty-four bagels that are visible in the picture. In the section that would be the middle of the garden, but what takes up about half of the left side of the picture is more shrubs. These shrubs are made to form the outline of a square flower bed. The inside of the square formed with shrubs is filled with dirt. Planted in the dirt are little pink flower plants.

They look like mini circle bushes with little pink flowers at the top. There are twenty-two flowers visible. The pink is a light pink. It was this photo that, when I looked at it, gave me all the memories of family and friends back. The room smelled like nail polish, spa supplies, and lotion.

I was having a spa sleepover birthday party type of thing. We were in my kitchen doing manicures.

I had my feet in a foot bath. The bubbles swarming around. My friends were doing a 1 minute manicure scrub in the sink.

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It smelled like passion fruit. While my feet were soaking, one of my other friends was doing my fingernails. The sound of running water, laughing, along with a mixture of crickets from outside filled the room. Soon I had hands under the running water. I was using the manicure scrub.

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It was bright orange. It was a mixture of gooey and gritty. As I scrubbed my hands I laughed with my friends and realized how much fun I was having. It was the best birthday party I had ever had.

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When I remembered this story, it helped me realize that my friends are some of the most important people in my life. I also realized that I had some of the best friends in the world.

They are always there for me. I think that during that night, I laughed more than ever before. My mom was just finishing up dinner. I was excited. I started jumping up and down, almost bouncing, like a rubber band ball. I was a little kid, and my mom was making my favorite dish for dinner. I could smell it baking in the oven. It was tuna casserole and it smelled like tuna, but not in a bad way. Have the both of you experienced any great challenges that improved your relationship? Are there any other thoughts you would include to build a positive message through your writing?

Before writing, think of these ideas and consider some fun ways to incorporate them into your essay about friends. If you are writing for a friend, this is a great opportunity to share your thoughts on the memories that have built your friendship. Any example of essay about friends would tell you this. Of course, you would not begin this by talking about yourself as this person most likely knows all about you. Instead optimize this time to reminisce on positive experiences whether great or birthed through painful times.

This should always reflect the ideas you will soon include as your main points. In doing so, you are constructing the perfect beginning of a friendly essay. If your audience is your classmates or group of peers, it is extremely important that you utilize your time effectively: use examples and samples.

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A large group may not keep their attention for a long period of time. This simply means to tailor your essay about friend in such a way that you offer your best ideas throughout your entire presentation. No fluff is needed, only strong points that successfully portray your intentions. After you have all the information on your audience, you should have a brainstorming session where you write out all your ideas concerning this essay.

Take out a pen and pad. Jot down the ideas that come to mind. Carry these materials around with you in case you have a wonderful thought while out grocery shopping. Think about the key points you desire to build your persuasive essay about friendship on. Write everything down or you might miss out on a great idea gone to the wayside. When writing about anything it is very important to understand the full purpose behind beginning in the first place.

This I Believe is that friends and family are most important

Are you looking to connect with an old friend? Do you want to share your heart with your best friend where you are unable to face-to-face? Do you simply want a great response from your professor? When answering these questions, you will start to realize the purpose for which you are composing an essay about friends. If you are writing this for familiar friends, avoid the pitfall of omitting your greatest thoughts.

Model essay on friendship and its importance

Include anything you wish to. This is a friend you most likely shared much with. They will appreciate you for your authenticity. Doing this will always gain the response you desire rather than leaving a questionable impression on your reader. While considering the purpose of your short essay about friendship you should also take notice of your personal thoughts about your friendship with this individual. What is the definition of a true friend to you?

In what ways has this person show such qualities? Why are you writing this piece?

Your friends will want you to be as authentic as possible. Most likely you already understand the different parts of an essay about friendships. Now is the time to just begin writing whatever comes to mind. Write and do not hold back. Avoid thinking about grammar errors and other formalities that might hinder your progress when freely expressing yourself. Did you express what you really desired to? Do these ideas reflect your main points? If you are writing for a friend, are you pleased with your content?

If there are any extra details you failed to mention, now is a great time to include them. Finally, proofread your work and correct any errors.