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However, unlike a holistic writing rubric , which evaluates all criteria simultaneously to arrive at a single score, an analytic writing rubric separates the criteria into discrete elements, such as controlling ideas, organization, development, diction and conventions. One of the benefits of the analytic rubric is that, in its most general form, it can be used with a variety of writing tasks—helping students learn the qualities of effective writing, regardless of subject area.

This outcome is best achieved by teachers calibrating their scoring. The calibration process asks teachers to score a series of normed essays that have been scored in advance by expert educators using the same rubric. When teachers successfully align their scoring with these normed essays, they are also aligned with each other. Through this calibration process, teachers arrive at clear, consistent expectations regarding the characteristics of effective writing—and, in doing so, develop a common vocabulary with which to discuss student work with each other and their students.

As Libby Baker, et al. According to the decision studies, it was decided that the number of tasks used in this study is to be most appropriate. Keywords: Story writing skills, performance assessment, checklist, rubric, generalizability theory. Aktas, M. Atilgan, H. Bachman, L. Language Testing, 12 , Branthwaite, A. Education Review , 33 1 , Breland, H.

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Journal of MultiDiciplinary Assessment , 8 19 , Guler, N. Genellenebilirlik Kurami. Ankara: PegemA Yayincilik.. Hamp-Lyons, L. In: L. Hamp-Lyons Ed. Norwood NJ: Ablex. Han, T. International Journal of Education , 5 3 , Can look at the origin or 50th time can be scored with during the literary works. Penned essay or objectionable.

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