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If anyone would know how great I am and where I lie, let him surpass one of my works.

Its repute in Western Europe preceded its actual arrival in Britain Napoleon had previously made an unsuccessful attempt to acquire it for France, for example , and thus it may have been its repute or news of its imminent arrival rather than seeing the statue itself which provided the inspiration. This sonnet is often incorrectly quoted or reproduced.

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The poem has made numerous appearances in popular culture, and has significantly influenced the production of new creative works. Edward Elgar began setting the poem to music, but never finished it.

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The best-known setting appears to be that in Russian for baritone by the Ukrainian composer Borys Lyatoshynsky. Short excerpts of the poem, or references to its title, have appeared in a variety of other contexts including the set for the Closing Ceremony of the Olympic Games on 12 August Even the gigantic statue of himself that he had commissioned has been reduced to two legs, a shattered face, and a pedestal.

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The superiority of Shelley's choice of details and of the vigor of his diction are splendidly illustrated by a comparison with the octave of his friend's sonnet:. In Egypt's sandy silence, all alone Stands a gigantic leg, which far off throws The only shadow that the desert knows. Nought but the leg remaining to disclose The site of that forgotten Babylon.

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Both poets remove the city of Thebes, the site of the statue, from their poems for artistic purposes. Ozymandias was the name by which Ramses II, a pharaoh famous for the number of architectural structures he caused to be erected, was known to the Greeks.

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  8. Shelley had read of the statue in Diodorus Siculus, a Roman writer, who had described it as intact. He had obviously read about it in some other source also since he knew that the statue was no longer intact. VI Previous Hymn to Intellectual Beauty.

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