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Media Studies

The very fact that many in our society have come to regard the subject as somehow inferior to other subjects, and "not a proper GCSE" reflects the power of the media in influencing the way we think about certain topics! Studying the media will give you the skills to analyse media texts critically, understand how texts are produced, find out who owns media companies and observe how technologies are changing the way we consume the media.

You will reflect on how the media has changed over time, and how our ideas and beliefs can be shaped by media images and messages. Coursework will allow you to become a creative media producer in your own right.

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In addition, students who study GCSE Media report improvements in the ability to analyse and write critically in their English exams, as well as improvements to their practical creative skills in ICT. Assessment: You will sit a non-tiered exam based on a case study approach. You will need to consider aspects of style, presentation, values, audience and representation and show their understanding of the relevant codes and conventions.

You also need to be aware of new technologies involved in the production and consumption of the media. To use the full functionality of this website javascript needs to be enabled.

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Sixth Form. You will cover a minimum of three different topic areas as part of the coursework, ranging from radio, film, photography, TV, advertising and marketing, print, web-based media, news and music promotion. Students will work on a pre-set brief, with a pre-determined audience in mind, from a range of set assignments. For example: Assignment 1 - Analyse the cover pages of two popular magazines.

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How do the covers appeal to their audiences? Practical assignment - Design the cover for one edition of a magazine aimed at a specific audience. Assignment 2 - Explore the way in which one product, band or artist is represented and promoted across at least two different media e.

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Practical Assignment B Audio-Visual media - Devise a storyboard for a music video promoting the same band or artiste. Assignment 3 - Construct a second trailer or two 60 second teaser trailers for a feature film aimed at a specific audience. Inventiveness and willingness to participate and experiment will be essential for all students. You will study: Textual Analysis how to 'deconstruct' texts and their meanings ; Cross-Media Topics how institutions use a range of media to promote products ; Media Languages, Producers and Production Techniques.

You will learn: How to analyse the 'language' of media texts; How to reflect on the cultural messages and values presented in texts; How to compare different texts, their institutions and their audiences; How to use production techniques, technical skills and evaluative skills to create media products. Please enable JavaScript. Our GCSE Media Studies specification nurtures students' ability to formulate their own responses to the range of media that saturates modern life — both old and new.

It also encourages students to develop their opinions on how the media represents the world. elements & Codes & Conventions (GCSE media studies Assignment 1 guide)

A choice of practical activities means that you can select according to your personal expertise, students' interests, or based on the equipment available at your school or college. Find out about exams in our new podcast series. More meeting dates. See more courses.

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