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Character's Development Peculiarities in King Lear and Pride an Prejudice

This concept was particularly important during the Elizabethan era, because religion played such a significant role in everyday life. Religious leaders directed people to expect that they would have to answer to a higher authority, expressing some hope that good would triumph and be rewarded over evil. But throughout King Lear, good does not triumph without honorable characters suffering terrible loss. In fact, at the play's conclusion, many of the good characters lie dead on the stage--Lear, Gloucester, and Cordelia. In addition, the audience hears that Kent will soon die, and the Fool has earlier disappeared, presumably to die.

Of course, the evil characters are also dead, but their punishment is to be expected according to the laws of divine justice. But how then does the audience account for the punishment and, finally, the death of the good characters in King Lear?

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Lear makes several poor choices, most importantly in misjudging the sincerity of his daughters' words; but when he flees out into the open heath during a storm, his madness seems a painful and excessive punishment to witness. Parallel to Lear's punishment is that which Gloucester suffers. The plucking of Gloucester's eyes can be perceived as another instance in which divine justice is lacking.

Gloucester has made several errors in judgment, as has Lear; but the brutal nature of Gloucester's blinding--the plucking out of his eyes and the crushing of them under Cornwall's boots--is surely in excess of any errors he might have made. Both Lear and Gloucester endure terrible physical and mental suffering as punishment for their misjudgment, but before dying, both men are reunited with the child each earlier rejected.

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The fool would sing, dance, make jokes and make a fool of himself. When Lear banishes Cordelia from his kingdom, the fool in a way takes on Cordelia 's role. The fool is the only one who is able to criticize the king of his shortcomings without consequences and is able to abate the king 's behavior.

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In order to relieve himself of the problems and work associated with holding his position so he can "unburdened crawl toward death," King Lear, of pre-Christ Britain, divides up his kingdom into three portions, one for each of his daughters 1. To decide the daughter to whom he should give the largest portion of the kingdom, King Lear holds a competition that merely serves to feed his ego.

He requires each daughter to publicly …show more content…. When the Earl of Kent attempts to stand up for Cordelia and point out the rashness of King Lear's actions, he banishes him, too. Neither Cordelia or Kent deserved such severe and unforgiving punishment — in fact, they deserved no punishment at all, as they did nothing wrong.

Despite King Lear's horrendous actions against both Cordelia and Kent, neither of these characters takes revenge on him. In fact, Cordelia eventually forgives King Lear and Kent comes back to Britain and serves the king in disguise. After splitting up the nation between his two remaining daughters, King Lear keeps one hundred knights for himself, and requests a place to stay. The first is the king.

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He goes mad, completely loses all sense of sanity. A character study written of a mortal man full of unpredictable mental illnesses and insanity can be as confusing as a thing to write as the thoughts within his very own mind. King Lear had a mind that could be compared to a light switch.

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His emotional states change from one extreme to the other with just that flip of the switch. Lear had a vast need for power and control; this combined with his temper and enormous selfishness created room for many mental outbursts. Best stated by Henry Hudson This is well-exemplified by legendary Japanese filmmaker Akira Kurosawa's epic, Ran. The highly regarded and high-budgeted film, based on William Shakespeare's play King Lear, demonstrates the power retained by the original play even when dramatically recontextualized. Indeed, in a comparative discussion of King Lear and Hidetora, his counterpart in the Kurosawa film.

The play centres on Lear, an aging king who, in his retirement, decides to divide his kingdom between his three daughters while retaining the title and privileges of being king.

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Of the many people to have critiqued King Lear, A. Additionally, the scene where Othello watched Iago and Cassio.

This is the power of comparison and contrast. In this comparative-analysis essay, you need to describe, explore, and explain how different events, characters, or ideas in two literary texts are connected or related. This is a typical play of human coarseness and vengeance.