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In august , the State of Louisiana was hit with one of the most devastating natural disaster If you contact us after hours, we'll get back to you in 24 hours or less. Hi there, would you like to get such a paper? How about receiving a customized one?

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Hurricane Katrina Essays. Hurricane Katrina Crisis and Disasters On August 23, the tropical depression 12 formed in the Caribbean then it rapidly became tropical storm Katrina on Multiple Governments and Intergovernmental Relationships Multiple Governments and Intergovernmental Relationships To be successful as a unified or United States, meaning a group with the same but What led to this disaster, and who will step up and fix it? How can this be prevented in the future, and will New Orleans ever become the great city it used to be?

The main issue at hand with New Orleans is why did it flood, and how can that be prevented in the future? The Army Corps of Engineers built up soil walls along the Mississippi River, and then developed the complex system of levees that were in place when Katrina struck. These levees were designed many decades ago, and as storms raged through New Orleans and the surrounding areas, the levees changed shape Handwerk. An upgrade plan was in place since the year to study and strengthen the levees to withstand at least a category four storm.

This upgrade would take around twenty years to complete, but was still in the study phases when Hurricane Katrina hit. Perhaps if New Orleans is to be rebuilt, engineers should look towards other systems of levees that have worked, and others that may not. An example of another poor levee system is the California Delta. By August 31, , eighty-percent of the city became submerged under water because the storm surge breached the city's levees at multiple points.

If the levees are damaged massive water will flood Louisiana from the Gulf Coast, the Mississippi River, and other surrounding bodies of water Good Essays words 6. Hurricane Katrina packed winds of MPH and a width of miles. The U. Strong Essays words 3. Two particular attacks that happened during the millennial lifetime were September 11, and Hurricane Katrina.

A lot of people can remember where they were, what they were doing, and the feelings they felt after the crisis of September Hurricane Katrina was another event that reflected on crisis management and government reactions to a devastating storm.

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Both events warrant a discussion on their respective crisis events Better Essays words 3 pages Preview. A day later the storm strengthened and was named Tropical storm Katrina. As the storm developed it at one point became a category five hurricane when it hit the gulf of Mexico. On August 29, , the hurricane weakened to a category 3 hurricane and hit the Gulf Coast of the United States Hurricanes are one of the most catastrophic and natural events to ever be experienced.

They can be up to miles across and have wind speed of 75 to mph. Hurricane Sandy and Hurricane Katrina happened to be two of the most devastating hurricanes in history. Hurricane Katrina was one of the five deadliest hurricanes and the costliest natural disaster in the United States. At least 1, people died during the storm and from subsequent flooding, making it the deadliest hurricane since the Okeechobee hurricane in On August 29, the hurricane stuck during the early morning causing levee breaches which lead to massive flooding.

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Per the United States Army Core of Engineers the levees where build to with stand a category 3 hurricane, but Katrina peaked at a category 5. With winds up to mph in Louisiana alone the death rate was 1, and people where reported as missing Better Essays words 2 pages Preview.

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More than people died after the levees broke letting water from the Mississippi River flood most of the city Bush, New Orleans]. Lastly, this paper will critically analyze the role that the media has in our culture and how the role the media plays can impact social change within our society Better Essays words 3. One of the largest and deadliest events that occurred in history was a disaster not anybody could control or be held accountable for. This was Hurricane Katrina.

On the early Monday morning of August 29th, , a Category 5 rating Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast of the United States with winds up to miles per hour and a storm surge of 20 feet high The author elaborates how countless people had the hope and determination in the face of terrible adversity. The story stresses the importance of keeping your thoughts in a positive mindset, but also shows the reader that moving forward is only half the battle, and sharing your story to others finishes the fight.

The tragedy of Hurricane Katrina is remembered from the survivors who never lost hope. Keeping your head is one of the small things that people look over in situations that are high intensity and stress-filled We both decided that human life is more important then material possessions, thus we would evacuate during a natural disaster instead of risking our lives and the lives of others to save our possessions. During Hurricane Katrina it was not the wind that caused the extreme property damage and it was not the wind that killed, but rather it was the flooding Humans live out their lives in tranquility; living in environments that have stable climates suitable to raise a family or pursue careers.

The Earth is truly a great place to live however, occasionally Mother Nature will show her ugly side. This ugly side just happens to be the natural disasters that affect the many people that populate planet Earth.

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  • The Government’s Response to Hurricane Katrina.

Hurricane Katrina was one of the worst natural disasters ever recorded The years of poor decision making and avoidance of the levee system led to one of the most catastrophic events in the history of the United States. Throughout our research, we have identified three key players in charge of the levee system design, construction and maintenance The federal and local government was completely unprofessional and downright wrong for the way they handled the situation all together.

Between the days of August 23, through August 21, the hurricane was in full exertion. In the city of New Orleans experienced hurricane Betsy and many survived that so they believed they could get through Katrina as well.

The city of New Orleans had never in its history issued a mandatory evacuation until hurricane Katrina arrived Interestingly, my brush with Katrina occurred just 48 hours after moving to New Orleans from my hometown of Portland, Oregon. During the college application process, I was offered an academic scholarship to Loyola University.

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Loyola sparked my interest because I wanted my college experience to be an adventure… something bold, exciting and new. When I toured the campus and city, I was intrigued by how vastly different New Orleans was from Portland; there was so much soul with a unique and vibrant culture The protection failure was not the only cause for the massive flooding, the hurricanes clockwise rotation pulled water from north of New Orleans into the city With a storm so huge and powerful this did not just a effect New Orleans, it had effected America in many ways, shapes, and forms.

In his speech about his remarks on the Hurricane Katrina recovery, President Bush restates important points in his speech, promises commitment to New Orleans, and quotes stories from heroes and victims to assure us that there is still hope for the city Throughout the events of the novel, the reader learns its purpose is to inform the audience of the shocking tragedy and burden the storm placed on the Zeitoun family. Winds reach speeds of 74 miles per hour or more. Frequently, hurricanes occur during the months of summer.

This allows energy to build from the warm surface of the ocean. Wind speeds, clouds, and the Coriolis Effect all contribute to the formation of a hurricane Hurricanes are a vital motive in nature. Powerful Essays words 5. Although there were several events in the history of this country that would lead one to the same conclusion it was the disproportionate suffering and devastation experienced by African Americans in New Orleans not only during Hurricane Katrina but long after the storm had passed tha The interaction between a tropical depression and a tropical wave created a tropical storm later referred to as Hurricane Katrina FAQS, Forming over the Bahamas, Hurricane Katrina gradually strengthened as it moved closer and closer to the Gulf of Mexico.

Recorded on August 28th, , Katrina jumped from a category three storm to a category five storm with maximum sustained winds up to miles per hour The donations coming in were donated to over charitable organizations and this made the funds easily assessable to the victims who needed them Term Papers words 5. Katrina, a category 3 hurricane, ripped through New Orleans and the surrounding areas causing catastrophic loss of life and property.

Unfortunately the Bush administration through FEMA showed gross ineptitude in its response to the disaster Wind speeds, clouds, and the Coriolis effect all contribute to the formation of a hurricane Hurricanes produce fierce winds.

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Nonetheless, it is the water that creates the most harm. Though not all structural failures are as catastrophic, the breeched levees led to loss of life, homes, businesses, highways, and left a trail of destruction that is still being repaired today. The result of this failure led to lawsuits, conspiracy theories, and court cases. Hurricane Katrina had a major effect upon our country and those results are still rippling on today It claimed the lives of over people from Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama. Unfortunately, that is not why a majority of people in America remember. As many know, these three states in the heart of the Deep South represent some of the poorest in the country. After the storm, the government was disgracefully slow to respond to the cause.

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Health care was in an overwhelming shortage. Depending on where people lived, determined their chances for survival Strong Essays words 9. As a tradition, large-scale disasters like Katrina, inevitably, bring out a combination of the best and the worst news media instincts. This caused over four fifths of metropolitan New Orleans to be flooded. Fausset The levees that failed showed that the urban planning of the city was neglectful and dysfunctional, even before the hurricane hit.

New Orleans, bearing the brunt of Katrina, was in a state of chaos. Government aid did not reach the city until several days after the storm made landfall. Many people argue that this delay in government aid forced the people of New Orleans to migrate out of the city. I agree and disagree with this statement. I believe that the government had no option after the hurricane struck other than to transfer the people elsewhere, however, I believe that government aid to the city should have arrived in a much more organized and prompt man Good Essays words 1.