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So the effect of these works on stemming the growth of Protestant influence is debatable. The author, Elizabeth Lev, is a U. Although she is adept at explaining how artists communicate, Lev also tends to exaggerate at times regarding the Reformation and its repercussions. She posits that Catholics chose to battle the Reformation with art rather than fighting as did the Protestants, only mentioning in passing that decades of wars between Catholic and Protestant states took place, costing millions of lives.

The artists and architecture discussed in this book cover the late Renaissance and Baroque periods dominated by such giants as Michelangelo, Caravaggio and Gian Lorenzo Bernini. Lev provides insightful descriptions of how sculptors, painters and architects masterfully conveyed their themes. She shows how artists gave a sensuousness to Mary Magdalene, often depicted as a repentant prostitute, by seductively showing her bare arms, shoulders and breasts as signs of the "before" part of her converted life.

However, she downplays the idea that some artists may have used sensuality to symbolize spiritual joy and ecstasy. Lev insightfully tells how Caravaggio uses light, finger pointing, eye contact and hand gestures to show the dynamism of the interaction between Christ and St. Matthew when Jesus calls the tax collector to become an apostle. The book needs more of this: how art imitates Catholic truths. Get free news updates from The Pilot. CNS Help us expand our reach!

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Please share this article. A hunger for God began to overtake him by degrees, and after a time he resolved to go on pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Montserrat. Sometime during the course of that visit he determined that thenceforth he would lead a penitential life and his stay in the nearby small town of Manresal where he experienced solitude and prayer, confirmed his desire all the more. He made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land and then studied in Barcelona, Alcala, and, finally, at the University of Paris, where he received the Master of Arts in Still his fervor did not slacken.

At Paris he was to meet companions who were like-minded in spiritual outlook and whose names would become well known in Jesuit annals: Francis Xavier a Spanish Basque like Ignatius , Favre, Laynez, Salmeron, Rodriguez, Bobadilla. They vowed to work for the glory of God.

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They agreed that when they finished their studies and became priests, they would go to Jerusalem together, but if they could not go there in a year, they would go to Rome and offer to go anywhere the Pope deemed necessary. Their hopes of going to Palestine would not be realized, but other needs quickly became apparent. Although an educated Jesuit was always to exercise charity, his response to heresy must be firm and decisive.

One of the truly great Jesuits to receive instruction from Ignatius before undertaking his mission was Saint Peter Canisius:. Endnotes: [1] Rom Ignatius , trans. Louis J. Puhl, S.

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Click here to sign up for our newsletter. Luther and the Reformers went to war against the evangelical counsels as ideals and as the core of a vowed, religious life. Every woman—it was […]. Any likeness between contemporary Jesuits, the pope included and St. Ignatius is purely coincidental and unintended.

Ignatius inspires the young and the young at heart. Happy feast to all. Saint Ignatius of Loyola — Pray for us. Amadis de gaula. Amadis of Gaul is a tale of fantasy heroic knighthood. It was also a favorite of Cervantes. Don Quixote is based on the tales of knight errantry. I too perhaps like other young imaginative boys dreamt of being an heroic knight.

The difference with Ignatius de Loyola and Miguel de Cervantes they were grown men. Actually pursuing the dream of the heroic knight. The uncanny similarity is both were wounded in combat Cervantes fighting Turks Battle of Lepanto and Captain Ignatius the invading Gascons. Both were wounded in the leg.

Cervantes remained crippled. Lampooned the foolishness of knighthood for self glory and upheld Christian values.

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Ignatius was left with permanent impairment. We know the rest of the story. It does, however, challenge the ability of the Pope to bind and lose sins over-and-above the ordinary power of the Priest, but that needs to be seen within the context of the Papal imposition of the Ban upon Bishops and civil authorities that attempted to prohibit the wandering Indulgence Preachers. Luther and Zwingli despised each other. Pax Christi; Rev. No religious order or individual is exempt from temptation; corruption and a fall from grace follows if they try to overcome without Jesus Christ.

Anything else is pride. I would note that one benefit of the counter-reformation was to bring a sense of organizational order to the Church which had gotten rather loose over the centuries, culminating with the Borgia Popes.

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Julius II can probably be justly described as the last of the Medievel popes and after him the necessity to have a well organized and learned clergy became apparent to everyone. While this was too late to roll back Protestantism it did strengthen the Church to move forward with an energy previously lacking.

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