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Hi there, I will like to ask after our introduction, we will need to come out with a statement that is able to grab our audience's attention. Any advice on that? Coz I always seem to be having problems crafting out those statements..

MYSELF Essay for kids.15 lines on MYSELF. Easy essay on Myself.

Thanks in advance. Your teacher is right. How could we possibly help you come up with an attention-grabbing statement when we don't know anything about yourself, your family, or your job? There are no generic attention-getters. You'll have to find something startling, surprising, amusing, or intriguing about yourself, your family, or your job.

Can I make up things about you in order to come up with attention getting statements for your speech? Let's see. Do you see the problem with your question as it stands? It all makes sense. I love my motherland Sri Lanka a lot. He is 35 years old. He has curly hair. He drops me to school.

I love my father. Pabalu Dikkumbura 6 years Musaeus College. Myself My name is Thenulya. I am eight years old. I live in Maharagama. I study at Logos College. My favourite colour is pink. My best friend is Atara and I love to play with her. I have one sister and no brothers. My hobbies are drawing pictures and making models with clay. I love to eat chocolate cake and drink Milo. Out of all the countries I have visited, my favourite country is Dubai. Thenulya Weerawardhana 8 years Logos College. Ramazan Ramadhan is the month of fasting.

Every Muslim of all ages takes part in the fast.

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Ramadan, the annual fast, falls in the ninth month of the Muslim calendar. Those who fast, must neither take food nor drink throughout the hours of daylight. Above all, they must keep away from things shameful, and telling lies.

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Fasting can be a little difficult when it falls during summer. Though it will be a little difficult, a Muslim fasts joyfully in any season, obeying the orders of Allah. There are Muslims who love summertime fasting the most. There is a deep relationship between Ramadhan and the Holy Quran. Those who fast, turn again and again to the Holy Quran because Allah revealed it in the month of Ramadhan to our Holy Prophet Muhammed.

Shaifna Aroos 10 years Ilma Int. We all enjoy watching television. One of the main reasons which we watch television is to gain knowledge. These channels are based on all about the world and types of people, natural disasters, ancient and historical places and many more. There are also other useful as well as fun and interesting channels. For example, FoxLife is a channel which displays different types of food and recipes. They tell us about types of food eaten in various parts of the world. We as kids love watching animated programmes which can be found on Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Pogo and many more.

We can watch cartoons such as Tom and Jerry which have a moral. It teaches us not to fight and quarrel and instead to live in peace, friendship and harmony. News is one of the most important programmes that we must watch.

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We must make it a habit of watching at least one news episode a day as there are many news updates daily from early morning until midnight. By watching these types of important programmes we can develop our brain and learn a lot about the world. We can also watch cartoon but not too much as it may affect our eyesight and brain.

My best friend My best friend is Sandra. She is eleven years old. Her favourite food is grapes and her favourite colour is red. She has a pet dog. Just fill in the blank with the country or city if famous into this phrase. Where are you learning English? And how? At school? At home? Or, it may get removed Here are my examples:.

What about your position? Are you a student? Yoga teacher?

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Lawyer for the potato industry? Potato salesman? Super important question that people like to ask. My hobbies are languages and using the internet. How about you? Here are some examples:. Rhis is just another example line about your hobbies. You can use something else where. What do you enjoy or like? So now you know how to introduce yourself in English in 10 lines. I highly recommend this for English learners.

Hi everyone! Its nice to meet you all. My name is Mia Mignonette Sajulla Ablen.

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I live in Tambojangin, Amlan Negros Oriental. I am 13 years of age. One of my hobbies going out with my family and watch movies. I enjoy listening to musics. Thank you!

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Hello friends Thanks for giving me a golden chance and thanks for you. My Name is. Antaryami I lives in. Play shooter I want to be a. Click here to go www. With this lesson… You get the important English phrases. Read out loud to practice your speaking.